Screw Normal.

I regret nothing

I regret nothing


ELISE OVERLAND square neck dress
$680 –

Cap sleeve top
65 GBP –

D G retro bathing suit
$322 –

Alice Olivia satin short
$155 –

Ksubi distressed denim short
$125 –

Sport skate shoes
41 GBP –

Forever21 flat shoes
$16 –

Dannijo backpack bag
$370 –

$7.99 –

Lanvin jewelry
$335 –

Cord bracelet
$124 –

Sun hat
$44 –

Flower hair accessory
$4.99 –

 Long time no post, yet again. However, the surprisingly beautiful weather was calling out to me, and I went out to enjoy Canada’s short spring, as I expect it to turn into scorching summer weather within the next few weeks.

 To show off our random and highly creative spirits yesterday, my friend M (not sure if she’ll appreciate being mentioned here, so we’ll just call her that for now) and I decided to dress up in exaggerated “tea party wear” and take photos. Decked out in extravagant piles of jewelry, hats, dresses, and a feather boa, we pranced around my garden, with M talking in a terrible British accent, while I played around with my brother’s (fake) old-fashioned looking revolver.

 Good fun.

 Unfortunately, we were unable to get full costume photos, and since I don’t know if M will like me posting a picture of her in her blond wig, I just put the one of me in my mom’s amazing sun hat (which kept falling in my face), and a pair of my low-heeled sandals (which have amazing little designs on them).  Just a shame I didn’t get a good one of the boa… maybe next time?

From my sick bed.

 Yes, still stuck here, meaning no chance to try out my new outfit ideas until tomorrow, at the earliest. Unless you count my PJs as amazing (which I guess they are), but no. Instead, I have taken to photographing various objects from my bed, which lead me to taking out my jewlery box.

 Good call on my part, for I have forgotton I even owned some of these. I’m one of those people that doesn’t remember to wear jewlery unless it’s put out the night before. So without further ado, here are a few of my favourites I dug out.

 The umbrella is there just cause.

Striped dress
220 GBP –

200 PLN –

TopShop bow blouse
$66 –

Ralph Lauren balloon skirt
925 EUR –

22 GBP –

Christian Louboutin platform heels
$845 –

Paris Hilton stiletto heels
$95 –

White platform heels
4.99 GBP –

Bow shoes

Mimco choker necklace
99 GBP –

Flower ring
$20 –

Fancy church hat
$69 –

H M wide brim straw hat
7.99 GBP –

Let’s run away

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti rayon dress
329 EUR –

Christian Louboutin slingback pumps
739 EUR –

Barbara Rihl white leather handbag
254 GBP –

Old Navy shoulder strap bag
$15 –

Iosselliani leaf jewelry
$165 –

Heart jewelry
6 GBP –

H M metal ring
3.99 GBP –

Eugenia Kim browning hat
$297 –

30 EUR –

…  I break my promises to myself, and don’t post everyday.

 Unfortunately, I have two outfits I really liked on Friday and Saturday…. but I was very very busy (friends, reading, etc.). I’ve been sick the past two days, however, so all I’ve really been able to work on involved Polyvore and my science lab. And I’m guessing you’re not really in the mood to be informed on the effects of salt on freshwater life (see, you’re falling asleep already). My last two posts were two of my latest Polyvore creations.

 Polyvore is this really awesome website I stumbled upon by accident a while ago, and I was taken to it immediately. It’s simple to use, even I rarely have difficulty with it. The point of this program is to make neat artistic creations (“sets”), using clothes most of  the time. It’s really fun, and if you haven’t used it before, I suggest you check it out.

 My set entitled Time represents my love for anything that looks “proper” or innocent. When incorporating it into my own style, I would probably add some bright colour to make it more fun, but the images shown here provide bases for classic looks with a potential for a fun look.

  My other set shown has the most boring title in the history of the universe Colourful- Day and Night. Ironically, this set features my least favourite colour, pink. Nonetheless, I would definitely wear both of these outfits, for the show how the classic and the fun come together into something so unique.

 The outfit on the left consists of only two parts: the pink lace dress and the lime green heels. Dress: vintage-y and slightly girly, while the heels are pure fun. This outfit does look very mismatched, but risks must be taken in order for original to happen!

 The second outfit, on the right, has the same effect, only in a more casual setting. It, again, features pink, this time in the form of a blazer (classy). It is paired with black skinny jeans and a black-and-beige shoulder bag, which are both the girly aspects of the ensemble. The fun part are the converse in my favourite colour, yellow; and the two rings displaying models of birds. My makeup of choice, brown eyeliner and mascara (take about 30 seconds to put on) are in the middle (as I wear the same no matter what the occasion).

 Now I shall log off and spare you from anymore of my half-asleep drabbles. 🙂